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Richard, Saint John

On 3 separate occasions Sangeetha has cured my torn rotators cuff, cleansed some vital organs and gave me instant relief from a chronic illness.  I will contact her for any health or diet issues I may have.  Ayurveda has also cured my arthritis.  Ayurveda offers remedies for so called incurable issues in western medicine. 


Diana D, Toronto

Sangeetha is amazing and extremely talented. I have followed several of her remedies and they work ! She is the best person for anything related to Ayurveda and would highly recommend her.

Shalini S, USA

She is very knowledgeable and well spoken. Very kind and caring to listen. I really appreciate the opportunity to talk to Sangeetha. A dear friend recommended  and, now, I happily recommend anyone to reach out to Sangeetha if you are looking for some astrological understanding. Thankful!

Margarita, Toronto

"Sangeetha is a wise, professional, friendly, and caring practitioner of Ayurveda. After years of digestive issues that I tried to cure with every single juice cleanse and diet under the sun, I finally feel free from discomfort. The 3-week cleansing protocol that she prescribed me was challenging but absolutely worth it. I only wish I had done this sooner. She is especially knowledgeable about female reproductive functions and made me feel very comfortable sharing those details with her. I highly recommend anyone experiencing digestive issues to give this a try. So far, it is the most effective remedy I have ever tried. I feel more energetic, lighter, increased appetite and digestion, and no more bloating. Thank you Sangeetha! <3"

Khadijah, GTA

Sangeetha was very patient and accommodating to my busy schedule. Followed her suggestions and it has helped with my digestive issues tremendously. Very happy I decided to go ahead with Pancha Karma.

Karusia, Toronto

“Sangheeta is an exceptionally gifted and knowledgeable Ayurvedic practitioner, and she sparkles with radiant health and positive energy. She adeptly diagnosed my constitutional imbalance, and customized a three-week cleanse-at-home routine that included diet, body care, lifestyle changes, herbal support, and healing recipes. My long-standing digestive issues cleared up quickly, and I feel lighter and freer than ever. Sangheeta supported, encouraged and guided me every step of the way. I especially appreciate her healing presence, and the extra care she put into hand-crafting my herbal remedies. It was a pleasure learning from her. I whole-heartedly recommend Sangheeta for anything related to Ayurveda. ”
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